Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gabriella Fox Nude

Video Stats

Length : ~25 minutes

Starring: Gabriella Fox (30D-22-30)


Finish:  Swallow

Shaven: Yes

Positions: Girl on top, side by side, reverse  cowgirl


Couple have consensual sex


The video starts with a kiss. The leading lady, Gabriella Fox, a brunette girl, is wearing a lot of eye makeup with a mole beneath her eye. A typical porn kiss, complete with tongue and plenty of slurping.
The shot pans down to her bare breasts, blue panties and bare legs. 
The man she costars with says, in a southern accent "You sure about this?"
Gabriella replies that she is sure, as he grips her hand. He says "we don't have to." She tells him otherwise, and the pair kiss more. Sometimes their kissing makes an squeaking sound. Her teeth are very white, and she asks to be undressed by the man, Danny. She is only wearing a cupless bra and a panty. He has his work cut out for him. Her panties get stuck on her ridiculous, ugly high heels. 
Her breasts are nearly perfect hemispheres, and the seam between her nipple and breast looks fake. 

She lies on her back, and he continues to kiss her. She has a tattoo on her pubic bone. She keeps her shoes on as he applies Velcro ties to her legs and kisses up them. The man is still fully dressed below the waist. She is tied to the bed (wrists and ankles) and there is a shot of her pulsating vulva area. The man starts to perform oral sex on her, and she breathes hard, but doesn't moan in the way that most porn actresses do. It's convincing that she enjoys it. The man has an ugly tattoo on his back of a cross of some sort. He continues to perform oral sex on her, and she begins to moan when he inserts some fingers into her. Next, he pours some sort of oil on her body, something atypical for porn, where we usually see girls pre-oiled. He begins to rub it into her skin as a shot of her pelvic area pans to her breasts and up to her face. He continues to kiss her as he rubs her. She looks small compared to him and her legs; from this angle look nearly skeletal. He begins to rub her pussy while kissing her, likely enjoying the fact that she can't squirm much in the position she's in. 

She asks him if she can suck his cock. Maybe she says "fuck your cock." He unties her ankles, then wrists, and she sits up, and obediently begins to take off his jeans and unappealing dotted underpants. After holding it in her hand, she plunges her mouth down around it, and we can hear his rapidly increasing breaths. The shot pans down her body, revealing that her breasts are still the largest part of her body. She continues with her hand as she kisses him. He kisses her harder after his penis had been in her mouth. Her nails are square and don't look very safe. As she kisses him, he manually stimulates her as well. While he holds back her hair, her face is visible while she gives the blowjob. He lies her down and puts his tongue in her mouth. 
Next, lying beside her, he enters her with her legs spread apart. She reclines as he thrusts, slowly. Their bed makes annoying noises and sounds fragile. There is a shot of the penetration panning up to her face. She seems like she is trying very hard to enjoy it. Her moans follow an "ah, ah, mmm" pattern. She looks at him and moans a bit. The way her mouth opens when she says "ah" appears to be fake. A few more shots of the penetration pan up to her face. Her breasts don't move while she is being thrust in and out of, confirming that they are fake. There is a zoom out, where we can see both bodies, and faces. The man keeps his mouth open, in an 'O' shape. Another zoom to the penetration pans over her breasts, as she squeezes one of them, and it doesn't move much. 

Position change. She is on top of him, facing away from him, with her hands on his chest. he does most of the thrusting however. Her moaning escalates to a decibel level her voice never reached. While he thrusts in and out o f her, her breasts move even less. There is a shot of penetration complete with the man's waxed scrotum and anus. This shot alternates with one which shows her head bobbing back and forth. He begins to thrust more slowly. Without removing his cock, she rotates her body towards him, leans on all fours and he thrusts into her. Her face is significantly more greasy now. We notice he still has his watch on. She begins to take command gliding back and forth on his cock. She is not wearing shoes anymore.
This video focuses very closely on her facial expressions. Her half-closed eyes and biting of her lips. Her pleasure can be thereby deemed as important. She makes some noises of pain and looks to be concentrating very hard on the bed she looks at, as she's leaned over. He pulls her toward him, holding her neck, and she stops moving briefly. 

The next shot shows Gabrielle fastening the Velcro ties to the wrists of the man. Next, she moves down her body and puts his cock in her mouth, a much better angle to when he was standing. Oddly enough, she does it facing the camera, away from him. She gets spit on her face and doesn't care. When she needs to breathe, she continues with her hand. She alternates bobbing her head over the appendage to stimulating it with her hand. The actor says something inaudible to her, right before his orgasm. He moves seemingly involuntarily, as she directs his cum on his tummy. After he cums, his dick is a little smaller, but still erect, and she takes it into her mouth. 

Memorable Moments
-None really


Acting - 4

Feasibility (Could this scenario happen?) - 5

Soundtrack - 5

Cinematics - 3

Directing - 2

Sexual appeal - 4

Total - 23/30

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  1. Nice description about this video. According to your information i think that i have seen this video before but i am not sure for exactly that video. Can you upload this video?